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standard english version gb standards china national

standard english version gb standards china national

standard english version gb standards china national

China - Peoples Republic of Chinese Standards for Food

Apr 28, 2015 · On December 24, 2014, the National Health and Family Planning Committee of China issued the National Food Safety Standard for Food Additive Use (GB2760-2014), which will be implemented on May 24, 2015. The new standard (1) adds China - Peoples Republic of National Food Safety Dec 04, 2013 · Additives (Draft for Public Comment). On March 27, China notified to the WTO the Draft Standard as SPS N CHN 602. Comments may be made to Chinas SPS Enquiry Point before May 26, 2013. The Standard is a revision of the National Food Safety Standard for Use of Food Additives (GB

China National Standards (GB) and Regulations Collection

57 rows · Aug 08, 2016 · CIRS collects some useful China national standards (GB) and China Chinese National Standard:GB -- 1National food safety standard Determination of calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese in foods for infants and young children, milk and milk products GB 5009.268-2016 GB 5009.27-2016 Chinese National Standard:GB/T, GBT -- 1GB/T, GBT. Quality PDF examples. Industry:All industries, recommended national standards -- Page 1

Chinese Standard

Standards Press of China (spc.net.cn) DL, DL/T, DLT Electricity & Power National Energy Administration China Electric Power Press (cepp.sgcc.cn) FZ, FZ/T, FZT Spinning & Textile Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC Standards Press of China (spc.net.cn) GB, GB/T, GB/Z National Standard GB 2760-2011 Food Safety National Standards for the Apr 20, 2011 · covered by national food safety standards GB 2760 & GB 14880; In the case of the food additive is covered by the National Standard GB2760-2011, GB14880-2012 or covered by any MOH Notices, it is considered as existing food additives and is allowed in China. If you would like to get the English version of GB GB2760-2011, GB14880-2012 and GB 2760-2014 English Version, GB 2760-2014 National GB 2760-2014 English Version - GB 2760-2014 National Food Safety Standard - Standards for Uses of Food Additives (English Version):GB 2760-2014, GB/T 2760-2014, GBT 2760-2014, GB2760-2014, GB 2760, GB2760, GB/T2760-2014, GB/T 2760, GB/T2760, GBT2760-2014, GBT 2760, GBT2760

GB 3095-2012 English Version, GB 3095-2012 - Code of China

GB 3095-2012 English Version - GB 3095-2012 Ambient air quality standard (English Version):GB 3095-2012, GB/T 3095-2012, GBT 3095-2012, GB3095-2012, GB 3095, GB3095, GB/T3095-2012, GB/T 3095, GB/T3095, GBT3095-2012, GBT 3095, GBT3095 GB Standards in China:What Exporters Must KnowNov 20, 2020 · GB standards are Chinese national standards that assure that your products comply with everything from labeling, safety, usage, and more. Worth mentioning is that GB standards do not only exist for physical products, but also for services. 85% of GB standards,GB/T standards,China National Standards GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want export products or services to china, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards; We provide Chinese and English version GB standards Lookup, Translate, Download,

GB/T 1040.1-2018 Standard english version, China National

GBstandards provide GB/T 1040.1-2018 standard english PDF version,PlasticsDetermination of tensile propertiesPart 1:General principles China National Standards english version translation,purchase,download, lookup,search services GB/T 10561-2005 English Version, GB/T - Code of ChinaGB/T 10561-2005 English Version - GB/T 10561-2005 Steel - Determination of Content of Nonmetallic Inclusions - Micrographic Method Using Standards Diagrams (English Version):GB/T 10561-2005, GB 10561-2005, GBT 10561-2005, GB/T10561-2005, GB/T 10561, GB/T10561, GB10561-2005, GB 10561, GB10561, GBT10561-2005, GBT 10561, GBT10561 GB/T 32610-2016. Auto-delivery. - Chinese StandardStandard Title (Description) See Detail:Status:Related Standard:GB/T 32610-2016:English:120:Add to Cart:0--10 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Technical specification of daily protective mask:GB/T 32610-2016:Valid:GB/T 32610-2016:GB/T 32610-2016:Chinese:20:Add to Cart =1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]

National Standard of the Peoples Republic of China

National Standard of the Peoples Republic of China GB 19644-2010 National Food Safety Standard Milk Powder Date of Publication:2010-03-26 Date of Implementation:2010-12-01 Issued by:Ministry of Health DISCLAIMER:The English version is an unofficial translation of the original in Chinese for National Standard of the Peoples Republic of ChinaNational Standard of the Peoples Republic of China GB 5749-2006 Replaces GB 5749-1985 Standards for Drinking Water Quality Released on 2006-12-29 Implemented on 2007-07-01 Issued by Ministry of Health DISCLAIMER:The English version is Standards Used in ChinaNational Standards are often referred to as GB standards. They are consistent across all of China and are developed for technical requirements. As of 2006, there were a total of 21,410 Chinese national GB standards, among which approximately 15% were mandatory, and 85% voluntary [ 2 ].

GB/T 39198-2020 Standard english version, China National

GB Standard Code:GB/T 39198-2020:Standard Category:China GB-National Standards:GB Standard English Title:Classification and code for general solid waste:GB Standard Chinese Title::Chinese Version Price:$1.00 per 1 page:English Translation Fee:$15.00~$30.00 per 1 page :Member Price 10%~50% off *

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